Age of Child Requirements

A child will be enrolled if the child will be five before December 1st of the school year for which the student seeks to enroll, and will be enrolled through the school year in which the child either completes high school graduation requirements or reaches age 21.

If there is a certified transcript of a birth certificate or a certified transcript of foreign birth certificate, no other form of evidence will be required to establish a child's age.

If a certified transcript of a birth certificate is not available, the District will request a passport, including a foreign passport, to establish the child's age.

If neither a certified transcript of a birth certificate or a passport is available, the District will consider other documentation, including but not limited to the types in this list, provided that those documents have been in existence for two (2) years or more:

  • Official driver's license for this child;
  • State or other government issued identification, or government agency documents providing a date of birth or age;
  • Consulate identification card;
  • Military dependent identification card;
  • Court orders or court issued documents;
  • Native American tribal documents; or
  • Where documents are presented that originate in a foreign country, the District may request verification of the documents from an appropriate foreign government of agency, consistent with the requirements of FERPA concerning the confidentiality of education records.