2024-25 Budget Vote and Board of Education Election Results

The Madison Central School District has conducted its vote on the 2024-25 proposed budget and Board of Education Elections. The following are the results. You may also view the originally submitted document here.

Budget Vote

Shall the Board of Education of the Madison Central School District be authorized to expend a sum not to exceed $12,947,322 as set forth in this proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024-2025 and to levy the necessary taxes therefore?

Votes cast in favor: 88

Votes cast against: 30

Result: The budget passes.

School Board Election (Two seats available)

Jona Snyder: 94

Laura Billings: 74

Write In Candidates: John Lopata 1

Result: Jona Snyder and Laura Billings have been elected to four year terms on the Madison Central School District Board of Education to begin July 1st, 2024.