Madison Central School Releases 2nd Marking Period Honors

Madison Central School Releases 2nd Marking Period Honors

Madison, NY - Madison Central School is pleased to announce that 78 students in grades 6-12 have earned academic honors for the second marking period of the 2023-24 academic year. 32 students received high honor roll status for the quarter after achieving an overall average of 94 or higher, while an additional 46 students secured honor roll commendations for an average between 88.0 and 93.9. 

The total number of students increased from 70 in the first marking period, and both award lists saw increases over the first marking period. As with the first quarter, the Class of 2024 once again led the way with 24 total honorees. Meanwhile, the sixth grade class experienced terrific growth with 18 students making the lists for this quarter. 

The full roster of honorees is below. 

High Honor Roll: (94.0+ Average)
12th: Mackenzie Cotter, Grace Lutke, Camryn Parmon, Molly Eastman, Ayden Zbock, Emily Turcotte, Michael McBride, Isabella Champion, Summer Butler, Kylee Cucci, Kyle Peavey, Emily Turcotte, Daniel Kazlauskas, Lauren Zehr & Max Sykes
11th: Janet Coleman, Kendra Winterton & Xavier Jones
10th: Emma Bergeron
9th: Madelyn Hill, Lillian Reichert, Myia Liberatore, Lucas Neff, Lewis Joslyn & Lillian Kazlauskas
8th: Elijah Zbock
7th: Nicholas Lollman, Ryan Gallagher & Liam Nolan
6th: Andilyn Staring, Miranda Liebel, Avery Gallagher & Austin Croniser

Honor Roll (88.0-93.9 Average)
12th: Andrew Nichols, Emma Godfrey, Malloy Brouillette, Jaden Vedder, McKenzie LaMunion, Danika Curtis, Shawn Murray, Hannah Neidhart, & Mackenzie Moyer
11th: Catherine McBride & Matilyn Hackett
10th: Matthew Post, Gibeli Jimenez-Ramirez & Kyra King 
9th: Andrew Cameron, Blake Butler, Carly Winn, Jeremiah Rutkowski & Garrett Weaver
8th: Alexis Rundle, Alyssa Braun, Zackery Kirley, Novalee Foster & Sophia Wajda
7th: Cooper Kitchen, Arlo Brouillette, Jacob Powers, Lana Pisiak, Aliyah Chalker, Lily Bush & Nicole Gage 
6th: Kenleigh Winterton, Jacob Turk, Molly Tehan, Emily Swartfiguer, Morgan Mudge, Nevaeh Millington, Beysli Merida Domingo, Julius Mercado, Lilyanna Heath, Jeremiah Hafelin, Johnny D’Imperio, Brandon Cudak, Alyana Brock & Nataleigh Godfrey