MCS Students Selected to Boys' State

Michael McBride, Ayden Zbock, Maxwell Sykes, and Kyle Peavey

Michael McBride, Ayden Zbock, Maxwell Sykes, and Kyle Peavey

The Madison Central School District is pleased to announce that four of its students were selected to the 2023 edition of New York Boys’ State, presented by the American Legion Department of New York. The selections were recently made public by the District’s sponsoring Legion Post, the Madison American Legion Post #1556.

Getting selected for this year’s edition of Boys’ State will carry the distinction of being able to attend locally, as it will be held at SUNY Morrisville from June 25th to June 30th.

Junior students Kyle Peavey, Maxwell Sykes, and Michael McBride have been chosen as delegates by the post, alongside three students from the Morrisville-Eaton School District. Junior Ayden Zbock was chosen as the alternate delegate for the post. 

Boys’ State is a premier week-long civic education and leadership training program intended for high school boys who have recently completed 11th grade. Nomination to boys’ state is considered to be one of the highest honors a male high school student can receive in the United States, and candidates participate in a detailed interview and application process. Successful candidates must maintain a “B” average or better through the end of their Junior year.

Attendees will learn about the workings of government at the city, county, and state levels over the course of their time in the program. They will follow parliamentary procedure when executing the functions of their fictional governments. There are opportunities to be part of a court system, police force, band, newspaper, and more throughout the week as part of a well-rounded program. Experienced counselors will lead the students through the activities in association with members of the United States Marine Corps, ROTC cadets, and cadets from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Under their leadership, the participants will take part in a military-style review parade which stands as one of the program’s highlights.

The District wishes its representatives the best of luck as they approach this opportunity.