Elementary Student Council Donates Over 1,000 Items In Food Drive

Students were excited to load the bus!

Students were excited to load the bus!

MADISON, NY - While food donations trend up around the holidays, the need throughout the year for food pantries can often be overlooked. The Elementary Student Council at Madison Central School has taken the initiative to ensure a local food pantry will have what it needs throughout the demanding Summer months. 


From April 19th to May 6th, the Council organized a school-wide food drive where the group was able to hone important skills while making a difference in the community. Students practiced their verbal and visual communication skills by promoting the event through flyers and signs, and also by campaigning on the sidewalk outside of the school entrance. They also practiced goal setting, with a stated goal of 1,000 items. 


The school community stepped up in a huge way to reward the effort of the students. The collective effort from the Madison community brought enough non-perishable food items to reach the goal. On May 6th, the students gathered to count and sort a grand total of 1,005 items.

On Monday, May 9th, those items were delivered by bus to the Madison Baptist Church, where they will be used to stock the inventory at their food pantry. Church representative Lois Sitts was on hand as the students came by to deliver the goods. Sitts thanked all the students for their help and dedication. 


Advisor Kelly Diehl was impressed by what this driven group of students accomplished. 


“Personally, i’m very proud of these students and their persistence and dedication,” Diehl said. “They worked so hard to collect items. During drop off times, students were outside with posters and flyers to advertise this event, and some students even made shirts to wear to build awareness around our food drive. At one point, a student council member said to me ‘It’s easy to make a difference for these families, and I was glad to be a part of this.’”.


Overseeing the council alongside Diehl were co-advisors Cassie Head and Melissa Ruane. 


Council members who played a key role in the project included Arlo Brouillette, Ryan Gallgher, Avery Gallagher, Kenliegh Winterton, Austin Croniser, Andilyn Staring, Miranda Liebel, Lily Bush, Alexis Stanfield, and Liam Nolan. 


Madison Central School would like to extend its gratitude to all who contributed, and the highest of commendations to the students who led this incredible project from start to finish.