Elementary Student Council Completes Spring Food Drive

Elementary Student Council Food Drive

Delivering the items

MADISON, NY - With the help of their peers, eight students in fourth and fifth grade at Madison Central School will make a huge difference in our community. The eight students are part of the MCS Elementary Student Council, which recently held its 2023 Spring Food Drive from May 1st to May 19th. 

A total of 668 food items were collected, and brought to the Madison Baptist Church food pantry during the week leading up to Memorial Day.

Preparation for the project started in April. Students were tasked to set goals, and create marketing materials to assist them in reaching those goals. Once the initiative was off the ground, they spent time each day collecting, checking dates, tallying up totals and tracking progress on the whiteboard by shading in a thermometer drawing. The students advanced their commitment to the cause further by coming in early to display signs encouraging their peers and parents to donate during the arrival period in the morning. 

Co-advisors Kelly Diehl and Melissa Ruane were beaming with pride at how their students tackled this important task.

“The student's dedication to the community and willingness to help really shine through with this food drive,” Diehl said. “They worked together to make a difference for our community and I am blessed to be able to be a part of it.”

“The dedication and excitement they have to do good deeds shows their true leadership qualities, as well as their compassion in helping others,” Ruane said. “I am so proud of each and every one of them!”

The food arrives at an always crucial time for food pantries. While there is typically a large rush of donations heading into the holiday season, this time of year marks the furthest point away from that influx of supplies. This donation will help keep the food pantry in a position to help as many people as possible without an additional burden on its budget. 

If you or someone you know is in need, food will be available from the pantry primarily on Saturday mornings. There is a phone number at the church that can be called to make arrangements to receive food outside of that scheduled time.