New MCS Staff Members Complete Orientation Program

MCS New Staff 2021-22

MADISON, NY - Fifteen newly hired members of the Madison Central School District staff recently participated in the district’s new staff orientation program.

The program is designed to equip the newest members of the MCS family with essential knowledge that will help each of them make the most out of their time in the district. 

One of the highlights of the program was a bus tour of the district. The tour was given by Madison Central School alumnus Jim Ford from the class of 1965. As you may have seen from the district history page on our website, Jim is quite the treasure trove of knowledge as it relates to the past in the Madison community. On the tour, he taught staff members about numerous points of interest throughout the district, and about the community’s historical roles in shipping and agriculture.

Additionally, the new staff members were given time to set up their classroom spaces if they needed it.

With the orientation program completed, the District would like to take this opportunity to publicly welcome the newest members of our outstanding educational team.

In the group photo below, the following individuals appear from left to right.

Amber O'Neil - Special Education

Amanda Rossi - Special Education

Corey Zlatniski - HS English

Jennifer Buckley - Elementary Counselor

Amanda Barton - Learning Coach

LeeAnn Cucci - Elementary Principal

Kelly Diehl - Special Education

Cassie Head - Elementary Teacher

Kimberly Johnson - Special Education

Jennifer Fowler - Teaching Assistant

Allison Leone - Elementary Teacher - Long Term Substitute

Ann Shantal - Teacher Aide

Mikaela Reeder - Teaching Assistant

Kimberly Crossway - Teacher Aide

Aimee VanGarrett - Teacher Aide

The district is proud to welcome this group of educators as it embarks on an exciting 2021-22 school year. We look forward to introducing each of them to you further in the coming weeks.

The newest educators at Madison Central School pose for a group photo by their tour bus. 

Mr. Ford was energetic and animated, as always.

Mr. Ford points out something interesting along the tour route.