•  Mrs. Nolan's 5th Grade Class!    

    September 11, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Hello! This letter is to help you navigate 5th Grade, when your child is at home learning and at school learning. There is no live streaming of elementary classrooms, so all work will be posted in our Google Classroom each day. Your child will have their Chromebook each night with them, please make sure they charge it overnight. I have shown students how to get into our Google Classroom, how to send me emails, communicate with me thru our classroom using the chat feature as well. Every morning their work will be posted at 7:00am. Your child may complete the work at any time that day, as I understand each household is different. As long as your child’s work is submitted that day they will be marked as present for attending school. To keep things organized and as simple as possible, everything will be listed each day when it is posted, with all links to work attached. As a class we will have a Google Meeting every Wednesday from 11:30pm-12:00pm to answer any questions the students may have and check in, every student should check in with me on the Google Meeting. Each Group will also have a Google Meeting with Mrs. Schenk which I have listed below, these are on the days when you are at home learning. She will be answering questions and helping you if you need help those days.  

     If at any time you have any questions or concerns please email me at mnolan@madisoncentralny.org or call the school and leave me a message at Ext. 155.

    White Group:


    Google Meeting with Mrs. Nolan Wednesdays from 11:30pm-12:00pm

    Blue Group:


    Google Meetings with Mrs. Nolan 11:30pm-12:00pm

    Student daily checklist for At Home Learning Days:

    1. Check your Gmail (red and white envelope).
    2. Go into 5th Grade Google Classroom to complete your daily work
    3. Make sure work is submitted and turned in for the day

    Thank you for your patience as we all figure this out together,

    Mrs. Nolan




     Feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns throughout the year: mnolan@madisoncentralny.org 
    893-1878, ext. 155