• Board of Education

    Board of Education Members  

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    Jessica Clark ~ jclark@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-412-5342
    Mike Filipovich ~ mfilipovich@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-790-9189
    Jennifer Lavoie ~ jlavoie@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-941-1080
    Brittany Rizzo ~ brizzo@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-761-6103
     Jona Snyder ~ jsnyder@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-750-8720
    Stephanie Tanner ~ stanner@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-520-5701
    Steve Yancey ~ syancey@madisoncentralny.org ~ 315-893-7262




    Vision Statement
    Madison Central School is the foundation of community spirit.
    We envision a community learning environment that provides
     opportunities of excellence for all.


    Board of Education Goals

    *  Improve academic achievement and character development for all students

    *  Be fiscally responsible

    *  Promote positive family and community involvement to ensure student success

    *  Continually improve technology integration and monitor its successful implementation