• Hello parents of the Class of 2022.  My name is Kurt Peavey and I am the class adviser for your student’s Class of 2022!  


    I want to be sure that we have an open line of communication with each and every student and his/her parent/guardian.  I want this class to be a team, a family, and make sure everyone is aware of all activities and opportunities so no one is left wondering what’s going on.


    First, ALL fundraising efforts directly benefit each student for offsetting the costs of Junior Prom and their individual costs of the Senior Trip.  After each fundraising activity it is documented which students have participated, donated items, or sold products and that is personally accounted for in a separate balance for each student.  These fundraising profits will determine each student's individual contribution to put towards their share of their individual senior trip costs.  EVERY STUDENT has the ability to go on Senior trip and can fundraise to cover all, or a portion of the costs, but they must participate. Students who do not participate will still be able to attend the Senior Trip, however, they will need to pay out of pocket for their share. (for example: if your son or daughter does not participate in any fundraiser, volunteer their time, donate, etc. they will be responsible for the full monetary cost of their senior trip). Please encourage your son or daughter to participate in these activities, especially if the student would need to rely on earned funds to pay for their senior trip.  Some of our more active students have already earned a large portion of the costs of their trips!!!


    There is a link to the 'Class of 2022' on the Madison website, (under the 'Clubs' tab) that we will try to keep updated with current events. However, it is ultimately your son’s or daughter's responsibility to keep abreast of any class activities or fundraisers.


    As always, feel free to reach out to me with any comments, suggestions, offers, ideas, concerns, or guidance that you have.  I can be reached at kpeavey@madisoncentralny.org or 315-893-1878 ext 285 or by cell at 315-796-8861 (preferably by text).


    I ask that every parent please provide an email address and cell phone number for communication purposes.  


    Our first event of the year will be the fall mum sale.  More information will be given to students at the beginning of school.


    We will also be selling ‘Joe’s Jerky’ this fall along with the class of 2021.  Other fundraisers include elementary ‘Paint-N-Sip’ (juice) events. Exact dates will be forecoming.


    Thank you in advance for you and your student’s enthusiasm and participation ☺