•  UPDATE! (1/12/16)-- We are buried in clothing!  Lots of name brand clothing, some new and ready for a new owner!
     UPDATE! (12/21/15)--6 more garbage bags FULL came in today!
    Madison Central School's Clothing Giveaway! 


    Clothing Flyer  
    Please spread the word!  All are invited!
    Please check out our pictures page to see our progress 
    Madison Central School students are working diligently to collect clean, usable clothing for their community.  The vision is that the students can collect as many articles of clothing as possible, wash them if necessary, sort them and then redistribute them on January 16th to their local communities.  They have been learning about the importance of advertising, community involvement and the need to help others.  Currently we have items from newborn to adult.  If there is a need for items to be picked up, please call the Main office at (315)893-1878 and ask to speak with Mr. Hill about the clothing drive.  You may also send an email to phill@madisoncentralny.org.  
    Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

    2015 is coming to an end and it is time for a change!


    Please check your closet for any clothing you are ready to say farewell to and consider donating to Madison Central School’s Clothing Drive

    Madison students are collecting clean, usable clothing until January 8, 2016.  Our focus is on newborn to age 18 clothing.  On January 16th the students will be redistributing (FREE OF CHARGE) any of the items collected to support our local communities.  More information about the 16th is available on the school webpage at madisoncentralny.org

    If you are interested in donating clean usable clothing, please drop the items off at Madison Central School’s main office.  If you need further information or to schedule a pickup, please call Patrick Hill (5th grade Teacher) at (315)861-2060.  Thank you in advance for your support!
     clothing        Thank you for your support!
     Off to a good start! (12/18/15)