What we do for our school & community

  • The Madison Central School Student Council is a group of students that have been selected by their peers to represent the student body in creating a positive climate that works with the administrative team, teachers, and community.  We meet monthly prior to class meeting days in order to make sure that we are keeping a positive working community within our school.  Students bring to our attention items or areas of concern brought to them by their class.  This is then discussed at our student council meetings and is shared with the administrative team and or teachers.  This also works in the reverse manner.  If the teachers or administrative team would like to discuss a matter with the student body, it is first brought to student council to then be shared out among classes at class meetings.  

    Some of our student council items that we have been working with are:

    Book Fair for the school and community-fall and spring

    Community Trunk-Or-Treat

    Spirit Week for the students prior to Christmas break-team building activities

    Semi-Formal Dance for Jr. High and Sr. High

    Breakfast with the Easter Bunny-not doing it this year due to the date

    Community Wide clothing closet-donations accepted year round and distributed to those in need

    Food Drive to help the local food pantry

    School Store-year round for student to purchase school items

    Community Wide Fun Night-TO COME!