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    Below is a copy of the letter that your child was supposed to give you.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    October 15, 2019


    Hello Class of 2023 families! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amber Neiss and I am your child’s class advisor.  I meet with them monthly to help them as a class. At our meetings we discuss various ways to earn money for graduation and their senior trip.  Our goal this year is to simply do some fundraising. Our events that we have planned are as follows:


    All year-students will be working on their scratch off card-simply have people scratch off a spot, then they pay you that amount.  Each card is worth $100-you earn 10 points per card turned in. It is just a donation to the class-for you individually to earn money.

    October-cookie dough sales-$ and forms are due the last day of October!

    October 26-Trunk or Treat-our “table” is apple themed- baskets to be raffled, snacks & drinks to sell

    November 2-Craft Fair-basket raffle

    December 5, 12, 18-basket raffle at school concerts @ 6:30-be there at 5:30  SELL COOKIES

    January 3-Sledding day & refreshments-more info to come-depending on weather

    February 8-FFA toy show-basket raffle

    April 17-DANCE grades 6-9 from 6-8 pm

    May 14, 19, 20-basket raffle at school concerts


    We have developed a system to track student points as they earn money.  For each hour of time worked or volunteered at events, students will earn 1 point.  Each point that is earned will have the equivalent of an estimated “value” of $10. A basket that is created totaling $20 of items will be worth 2 points.  If a student donates $10 worth of soda for a dance, that student earns a point. Points will also be awarded in increments. For example, if a student brings in a 12 pack of soda, they will be awarded .25 point etc.  The cookie dough sales earn students $2.50 for each one sold.    

    I have created a classroom that your child has been asked to accept.  They can also add you as parents into this classroom as well. I plan to update the classroom, and the class executive committee regularly.  Your child was to have given the secretary a way that they can be communicating with the executive committee at the second class meeting. We have a board next to my room with updates of events and meeting dates.  I will add the class points on there after students have earned some.

    If at any time in the year you have questions or concerns, please let me know!  I am here to help guide the kids on this crazy high school adventure. We plan to have fun as we watch each other grow over the next 4 years.  Do not hesitate to call or email me at any time!    


    Amber Neiss

    Class of 2023 Advisor