The items on this list are the only items needed to begin the school year.  


    Folders: E.L.A., Social Studies, Science, Health, Math & Homework

    (Choose a separate color, put name & subject on outside of each)

    One pack of college ruled loose leaf paper

    Five Composition Books - for Science, Writing, Social Studies, Math, & ELA

    A three ring binder (11/2 or 2 inch)

    Wooden #2 pencils - 2 packages of 12 for school and 1 package of 12 for home

    Supply of cap erasers (20-40) or some type of eraser  (students use a lot of these)

    A hand held sharpener

    Colored pencils

    Utility box or pouch for keeping supplies

    2 Stretchable book covers, not the ones that stick to the book.  Make sure they are the large size.

    A box of Kleenex

    Last year, some students found it helpful to have extra pencils, paper, and cap erasers at home so they did not have to worry about “carting” materials home and possibly forgetting to bring them back to school the next day.

    CALCULATORS & RULERS are supplied by the school