• Twelfth Grade English Course Outline       

    Course Description
    This English course focuses on communicative skills, preparing students for life beyond high school.  

    Writing:  Students at the twelfth grade level will produce well organized essays with clear views, use language appropriate for the grade level, and be able to present a focused message using the correct style of writing for audience and purpose.  In emphasizing the purpose of the written communication, word selection and sentence structure will reflect higher levels of thinking.

    Reading:   Reading selections will be lengthy and contain opportunities for literary analysis appropriate for twelfth grade study.  Students engage in learning higher levels of vocabulary. 

    Speaking:  Students will use this mode of communication in delivering informative assignments.  The purpose of the speaking activities is to familiarize and prepare students for future situations when speaking is expected.

    Listening:  During class students will be engaged in various activities that provide multiple opportunities to actively listen.  Learning and practicing how to listen with awareness is a focal point. 

    Research, Documentation, and Academic Integrity

    Research is a vital segment of this course, providing opportunities for students to delve into the various modes of discovery, apply the systems of documentation, and comprehend the importance of avoiding plagiarism. Students are presented with opportunities to develop and strengthen writing skills that meet high school to college expectations.  Several writing strategies will be practiced: Narrative; Description, Example, Definition, Compare/Contrast, Process, Classification, Casual Analysis, and Argumentative.  


    ·         Complete all assignments, adhering to due dates.

    ·         Partake in class discussions and activities.

    ·         Share written work and critique the written work of students and writers. 

      ·    Show respect for everyone in the classroom