• English 10

    Recommended for grade: 10

    Prerequisite: English 9

    Credit: 1


    Students enrolled in tenth grade English will experience various writing formats, read multiple genres, analyze various reading selections, as well as speak and listen with awareness of the English language. Enriched vocabulary and language skills are embedded within the curriculum. Communicative skills will be exercised and discussed within levels of higher thinking.  Awareness is a key concept, awareness of choice: chosen words, messages, gestures, and tones. The conventions of research are important lessons, as academic integrity continues to be a college preparatory requirement. New York State Standards drive the course and prepare students for higher levels of education. 


    Binder…for organizing handouts, notes, vocabulary, and homework

    Writing Utensils

    Loose leaf paper 

    One Folder Exclusively for English

    Highlighters and pencil sharpeners are not required…however, they can be most useful!


    If a student needs materials, please see me …I will help.  J  


    Classroom Rules

    Listen with earnest.

    Participate with respect (Ohhh, there are soooo many differing opinions…and that’s ok….that makes us human!)

    Language and actions are to always be appropriate.

    Know and follow the rules for Madison School….Located in student planners under Codes of Conduct.
    ARRIVE to class with materials. A pen or pencil is almost always a necessity.




    Independent Practice: 10%
    Time Management:    10%

    Participation/Workshops:      10%

    Quizzes:          20%

    Writing/Tests 50%


    Independent Practice

    Due dates are verbally stated and written on the white board.  Neatness is important, as communication needs

    to be clear.  Independent practice is usually based on class lessons and given to provide practice regarding
    what we’ve been studying during class.  Often the independent practice is collected and graded.  Sometimes
    independent practice is viewed during class to ensure adequate progress in learning is occurring. 
    Each student will receive a mark that corresponds with the correctness/efforts of his/her work. 


     Independent Practice Expectations:

     Include the heading…as directed first day of school.

     First and last name, class identification, assignment title

     Follow directions. 


    Homework and essay assignments are designed for independent performance...practice. 
    Each student is expected to do his/her own work.    

    Submit neat and orderly papers. 

         *Absent students will be given reasonable extended time depending upon the number of absences. 

    Always follow the conventions of the English Language.


    Late Independent Practice: 
    Submitting practices after the due date is never a good idea.  Doing work in a timely manner is best,
    as the practice is aligned with the very goals students are currently learning.  After School Detention
    can be a consequence for students avoiding independent practice (homework,) whereupon a quiet
    place to work and a good amount of time will be provided. After independent  practice has been
    graded according to content, the following deductions will be subtracted:

                            If not submitted during class collection, a paper is considered a day late.

                            Avoid leaving independent practices in a locker or at home.

                            One day late…            -25

                            Two days late…         -50

                            Three days late…       -75

                            Four days late…         0


    Time Management: college readiness
    Adhering to times and dates is an important part of life. This grade reflects the ability to submit

    work in a timely manner.  Time management is applied to lengthy assignments, such as essays,
    research papers, and projects.


    Absent students always have extra time to make up missed work…independent practice and class work.

    The Absent Folder contains handouts for students who have been absent.  The Purple Absent Folder,

              under the flag, is located to the immediate left upon entering room 216.  Absent students may open
              the folder and take the work that has been addressed to them.
    Late Essays or Writing:  New York State Standards place much emphasis on written communication;
            therefore, the curriculum for this course recognizes that concept, as reflected by the percentage value
            calculated into the grade.  To submit a late written assignment, students need to set a conference date
            with the teacher.


    If a paper is late due to unexpected or untimely circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to
    communicate with the teacher.


    Participation Expectations

    Students are expected to voice questions and ideas, as well as listen to others, with awareness and

    respect. Also important, students are expected to partake in discussions, activities, and workshops. 
    To avoid losing points in participation; students need to do the following:


    Be prepared to learn; bring the appropriate materials to class.

    Focus on class work.

    Follow instructions.

    Avoid talking or other loud disruptions.

    Arrive to class on time.

    Individual assignments require ONE person’s abilities; plagiarism is not tolerated.

    Behave….Be kind and considerate of others.