2 composition notebooks (wide ruled)
    6 spiral notebooks (wide ruled) (Please see list at bottom for colors needed per subject)
    6 different colored, heavy duty, plastic folders (Please see list at bottom for colors needed per subject)
    4 packages of large/long sticky notes 
    4 packages of small/standard sticky notes 
    #2 pencils ~Dixon or Ticonderoga
    1  package of highlighters (different colors)
    1 pencil pouch 
    1 set of headphones or earbuds; they will be kept at school and used with our Chromebooks this year
    1 binder 1 ½ inch
    Dry erase markers

    For the classroom Community (please choose at least 1 of the following)

    1 box of tissues 
    1 package of loose leaf paper
    1 package of markers
    1 package of colored pencils 
    1 box of crayons
    1 package of gallon size zip bags 

    • Folders and Notebooks:  Each subject has its own color, so please refer to the following list...
    • Reading  Red folder, red notebook
    • Writing  Yellow folder, yellow notebook
    • Math Green folder, green notebook
    • Social Studies  Blue folder, blue notebook
    • Science  Black notebook, black folder
    • Words Their Way  Purple folder, purple notebook