• Classroom Expectations 

    As a high school teacher I expect a certain amount of responsibility, and various expectations from my students.  What students do in high school has a significant impact on the rest of their life.  In a few short years they will be on the edge of adulthood.  They need to become prepared for that and become accountable for their actions.  We all make decisions, and It is important to keep that in mind while in the classroom. 


    As high school students, I expect that students know how to behave and the difference between right and wrong.  I expect every student to contribute to a positive learning environment.  I like to treat students as adults unless given a reason not to.   Inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated.  I like the classroom to be comfortable and fun, but an environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn without disruption.  There is a time to have fun and a time to work.  I trust that all students are mature enough to know the difference.  I will be fair and consistent and students will be made aware of my concerns and disapproval of behaviors.  Dealing with inappropriate behavior will begin in the classroom and proceed as necessary.  I like to keep the classroom rules simple.  There are three main rules to follow in my classroom. Choosing to follow these rules will assure your success.

    1. Be Prepared

    When students come through the door, they will have all materials needed for the class.  These materials include:

    World History I & II 
      • The textbook (Needs to be covered at all times)
      • Binder (1”-2”) (with six dividers properly labeled)
      • Loose leaf paper
      • Pens and pencils
      • 1 two pocket folder
      • 1 spiral notebook
      • Pens and pencils 
    Psychology/Historical Film
      • 1 two pocket folder
      • 1 spiral notebook
      • pens and pencils 

    If students do not have these materials, points will be deducted from their professionalism grade.  There is no guarantee that I will have extra writing utensils.   Going to school without a pen or pencil and a notebook is like going skiing without your skis...It just doesn't make sense! 

    2. Be Polite and Respectful

    Everyone’s opinion is of equal importance in this class and everyone in the class will show mutual respect for one another.  I am not flexible in this area.  Everyone brings talent and ideas to the class.

    1. Do Your Best

    You are here to learn and develop your unique mind. Take full advantage of your learning time. Focus on your work the whole time you are in class. I realize that not all material is easy to understand.  All I ask is that you do your best and we will get through the material together.