• In our time away from school, students will be expected to keep a fitness log of their physical activity. Students are encouraged to be creative in the ways that they work to reach their goal of 60 minutes of physical activity per day! The fitness log, along with instructions and examples have been handed out in paper form to students in grades PreK-6. Grades 7-12 can find the assignement posted on Google Classroom. 


    Google classroom codes are as follows:

    7th Grade: dytjktf

    8th Grade: unplcbs

    9-12 Period 1: uollkmy

    9-12 Period 2: mr57ami

    9-12 Period 8: a5s4mui

    9-12 Period 9: zdvrz2l


    An exmaple of the fitness log is as follows:




    Activity 1

    Activity 2

    Activity 3


    Sample 1

    Played outside - 30 minutes

    Yoga / Stretching - 15 minutes

    Walked dog - 15 minutes

    60 minutes

    Sample 2

    Family walk - 30 minutes

    Dance party - 15 minutes

    Tabata workout* - 15 minutes

    60 minutes