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    We are currently working thorough our first unit focused around:  How the past influences the future.  The Egypt Game

    Our first IRP is due:Nov 13.  Please see the attached link for guidelines:IRP  




    We will have a separate time during the day set aside for structured writing.  Please understand that writing will be done in other content areas, but during this time we will focus on more of the writing mechanics and structure.  Our first unit will be focused around narrative writing.  Students will be writing stories that are about them.  


    history Social Studies:The Eastern Hemisphere

    We are now working on our second unit focusing around Greeks & Romans.  We will be working in a flipped classroom style.  I will be requiring you to watch videos and read articles outside of the classroom.  You will be given weekly tasks to complete.  When we are in class together, we will be working WITH and APPLYING the material that you completed when you were not with me.  Our second unit focuses on:

    Early Greece

    Greek City-States & Culture

    The Golden Age

    Alexander the Great

    Ancient Romans

    The Roman Empire

    The Beginning of Christianity