• book ELA

    We are currently working thorough our second unit with The Lightning Thief.  We will be analyzing character traits and how they develop the plot of the story.  We will be working on making connections in our social studies curriculum as well by focusing on Methodology.  Our next IRP is due April 1.  Please see the attached link for guidelines.  IRP  Greek God and Goddess Day is scheduled for March 6th.  




    We will have a separate time during the day set aside for structured writing.  Please understand that writing will be done in other content areas, but during this time we will focus on more of the writing mechanics and structure.  Our second unit will be focused around argumentative writing.  Students will be writing stories that are about characters that they find interesting, researching the topic and then writing about them.   


    history Social Studies

    We will be following the textbook for the most part throughout the class.  The third unit that we are working through is the Middle Ages.  We will also be working through a mini unit on the topic: Can disease change the workd?  Homework will be given in this class a couple of times a week.  Students will be required to re-read material covered in class and answer some questions using their textbook.