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     Joining Online Art Classes

    Parents, art activities and links to art websites will also be provided for your students during this shutdown.  Login to google using your students Madison Central School login information. (Username- the year they graduate, first initial, last name) Password -(last four digits of their social security number followed by four zeros).  Example-Username: 20mflint Password: 12890000. Simply select the nine dots that are in the shape of a square. They are located next to gmail and images on the upper right hand of the google home screen. Click on google classroom select the plus sign (join) at the top right menu bar. It will ask for a class code.  Enter the class code for you students grade level.

    1st Grade - fdeatij

    2nd Grade - nch2e5k

    3rd Grade- xobfg5i

    4th Grade -  jwvxygt

    5th Grade - sdfpvvf

    6th Grade - yimy3ul

    7th Grade- 33fvmbq

    8th Grade- mbj7hqb

    Studio Art -2qiutcd

    Advanced Art-wqestcg

    Your in!

      I will be updating this weekly.

    Thanks for your Help

    This is a very exciting time to be a Madison Central School Art student!   Madison is at the fore front of technology in the art room!  New 3D printers are arriving and the school districts first virtual reality paint application, the Tilt Brush, has arrived as well.  The advances in technology this year in the classroom will give students new and exciting introductions to cultures and art movements from around the world, from primitive to modern  art.  While exploring cultural developments of civilizations throughout history, students will begin to engage and understand why and how art is created and used to express oneself.  Videos and virtual field trips to museums from around the world are just a couple of examples new technology we will be engaging students with this year. The large screen touch screens make VR field trips accessable for all of or students.  It is wonderful to watch students combine traditional and fundamental art skills such as painting, drawing, ceramics, and pen and ink engage with computer graphics, 3D design/ printing, digital photography and now virtual reality installations come to life.  Please stay tuned for pictures of the new rooms and student work.  
    Our Mission
    Engage students with project based authentic learning utilizing critical thinking, problem solving skills, creating life long learners. 
    Please refer to the web site for updates and changes throughout the year, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me through email or voice mail.